New Year, Big Changes

From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot say it enough – thank you for supporting our programs by playing at Cypress Bingo Hall!!

Prior to the shut down in early 2020, each game night at the Cypress Bingo Hall was brought to you by a different local high school booster club operating independently. Each organization worked hard to earn your support while supporting our member students. And thanks to you our students were able to accomplish great things in athletics and the arts.

We were thrilled to reopen our doors in October 2020 and welcome you back with open (and sanitized) arms. In order to bring you the best experience, and in the spirit of cooperation, our normally separate groups have been operating collectively ever since. On any particular game day you will find volunteers from all five of our programs working together as one.

With the dawn of the new year, it is time for our programs to once more operate independently while continuing to bring you, our players, top tier bingo action. Beginning January 1st you will start to notice some changes in operations and volunteers as each club once again shapes their night to best serve you and their respective booster programs.

  • Tuesday – Los Alamitos High School Choirs
    • Thursday – Los Alamitos High School Marching Band
      • Friday – Pacifica High School Band
        • Saturday – Cypress High School Band & Pageantry (Returning Soon)
          • Sunday – Cypress High School Athletics

Regardless of the differences between our individual bingo operations, our players will continue to be our most important consideration. We look forward to seeing you back each week and can’t wait to show you all the bingo fun we have planned for the coming year.

Thank you again,

Cypress Bingo Hall Managers